Other Instruments


Fantaisie, Op.28 / c. 7’30 min.

Doberman-YPPAN (DO 396)

Fantaisie op. 28 (for guitar) - Michel Beauchamp
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Four Preludes, Op.48 / c. 8 min.

Mention honorable, Concours Aliénor 2008


Fantasia for Organ and Harp, Op.52 / c. 15'30 min.

Wayne Leupold Editions, 2010


Introduction and Allegro, Op.65 /c. 7-8 min.

organ and oboe

Alto Saxophone

Capriccio quasi Burlesco, Op.83/ c. 10 min

alto saxophone and organ


Sonata for Flute and Organ, Op.84/ c. 15 min.


Trio, Op.17 / c. 30 min.

flute viola and piano


Sonate, Op.29 / c. 13 min.

flute and piano

Doberman-YPPAN (DO 186)​


French Horn

Sonata for Horn and Organ, Op.60 / c. 16 min.

RCCO Music Publications, 2012

Brass ensemble

Acclamations, Op.37 /  c. 8 min.

Arrangement for organ, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone

Chamber Orchestra

Suite, Op.18 / c. 20 min.

flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, timpani, triangle, xylophone and string quintet

choregraphic poem in three scenes (from the Piano Sonata, Op.2)